terça-feira, 7 de março de 2017

To go backward or forward?

In this episode of Fragments Of The Ving Tsun Kung Fu", the Senior Master Júlio Camacho lead us to experience of react to an attempt of grapple. The idea is to put us for think in what to do if someone tries to grab us in the legs with the intention of knocking us down.

The most common reaction is the backtracking. However, when the two people are in the front one of the other, this can be a terrible choice. First because the attacker will be able to run ahead to reach his goal, which will guarantee him greater strength and speed. Secondly because whoever runs backwards besides being at a disadvantage in speed and strength, will also be subject to stumbling and falling, further facilitating the life of the attacker.

The most appropriate to do in the video situation was to neutralize the intention of the attacker, frustrating him from the beginning. We can not let him take the speed or walk back, but we must to approach. In the example given by Master Julio Camacho, he opted to interrupt the attacker's flow through an approach that was complemented by a right-handed blow while the left was on guard ready to respond to any unfolding. The striker was then put on a Biu Ji experience