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What to do with Si Fu's requests

Throughout the years I've perceived in master Julio Camacho, of my point of view of a disciple, many initiatives to be available to his disciples. In our epoch of growth of labor time, more and more practitioners have difficulties to enjoy all the possible moments of the schedules moments of Mo Gun, unless they deliberately dedicate their lives to spread Ving Tsun System. The photo above was sent by me to Si Fu after his request, who organized the photos of the practitioners to make the member's cards. How can he be available for so long for so many disciples?

The center of availability isn't the quantity of objective time of practitioner or Si Fu, but what is possible to do with the time disponibility. Since I've understood it, my attention was situated more in the present moment than in the "ideals necessities" of time quantity, although every development of Kung Fu requires some effort of regularity. In that way, the quality of attention gave to the prese…