How to read thoughts with Kung Fu

Last week in Barra da Tijuca Branch of Moy Jo Lei Ou Clan occurred the second meet of the seminar of Fundamental Programa of Ving Tsun, a project developed by Moy Jo Lei Ou Clan and led by Senior Master Julio Camacho. In this second meet, all the practitioners in the space observed the capacity developed with Kung Fu to read thoughts in the conversations between Master Julio Camacho and Master Leonardo Reis (Moy Lei Wong).

How was proposed in the dynamic of the seminar by Master Julio Camacho, every practitioner should make a comment or question about something. A fast look was enough to Master Julio already knew that Master Leonardo was thinking the same thing, or at least, in the same way as him. Knowing this, Master Julio asked many times to Master Leonardo reply to the comments of the practitioners. Master Julio has trusted in Master Leonardo as if his answers were your own. This capacity is not only a result of an antique relationship between two masters, but mainly the capacity to anticipate situations, to locate them in the context.

The context of the seminar was the Ving Tsun System and the endeavor to develop the Fundamental Program based on it. Before of Master Julio Camacho say anything, Master Leonardo already know what in the Ving Tsun System can help to develop the Fundamental Program and answer the comments and questions made by practitioners. The attention of Master Leonardo was situated in the proper places, making this attention "careful attention". This ability of contextualization can be developed in all fields of day-to-day experience, and Kung Fu is the best way to develop it. To read thoughts, thus, is only necessary anticipating thoughts of the other person situating them in the context. One thought is followed by others like the step in the Chi Sau practice is followed by another.

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