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Take easy! Post for younger people.

What to talk about the expression "take easy"? Well... many things. Along days, months and years of convivence and practices in the Kung Fu Family, some events get a change of meaning. I am speaking not necessarily the big events like tradicional cerimonies. I will explain. And this explanation will be dedicated from young practitioners (depending on the space and reference).

Initially, the new practitioner in Ving Tsun get in a uncharted space and ambient. As if it were not enough, some proposals will mess, or diverge, of concepts like classroom, teaching and learning like we hear common sense. Would not be strange if this ambient be disconfortable at first moment.

In the course of time, some new characters emerge: Si Fu, Si Hing, Si Suk, Si Daai, Si Jeh, Si Gung, Tutor, etc. What to do to be aceppt in this new ambient?! Oh! Would be much easier if there were only teachers and students! Some people do well with these new classifications and characters, but some others, at l…

The "nature" through sequence of movements

Most of the time I was distressed when my si hings asked me to do the sequence of movements of Siu Nin Do or Siu Nin Tao. The anguish came because then, while I was doing it, they did not pay attention to what I was doing. I thought, if they told me to do it, why did not they pay attention? It was revolting, and my Si Fu Júlio Camacho was one of those who always listened to my complaints. But behind this apparent lack of attention was an intention.

What took me a long time to understand (and it was not too long, I think from 2008 until 2010) is that the sequence of movements itself is formulated so that the Ving Tsun practitioner can try it, and there is no wrong way to experiment. It is possible that older practitioners provide tips, draw attention to certain inconsiderate or other aspects that catch their eye. But if some of these comments are in the sense of a correction or shaping ... danger!

When correcting a practitioner, or evaluating it all the time (which is worse), the hing …

The genesis of the opportune moment

After many years and Kung Fu encounters, I have perceived that exists some moments with different qualities. My Si Fu usually choose, to show these different moments, to apply a void in day-to-day scheduled moments to be occupied by disciple energy. But this void is not introduced abruptly, it is placed gently so that the disciple can appropriate it for his own benefit. The central message provided I think is: Kung Fu ability is to transform all moments in opportune moments. The scheduled moments at the beginning is only an excuse to it.
This message is hard to understand. At first I thought that “to transform all moments in opportune moments I need to have force or ability to submit situations to my desire”. Wrong! What initially Si Fu points for us, that I named “void”, really is the flow of reality itself. That means that the more we try to create moments programmed according to our way without thinking if this moment is the opportune moments, we are increasing the distance between …

The working of time in combat

There is a common agreement that one punch was prepared in the past in direction of future. It's not uncommon for this statement to generate consensus among unsuspecting listeners. In a past we planned to punch something in future, can this something be a person or an object.

The popular perspective that sees a punch how a unfolding of a "planning" (ponding) into a "result" (hit) contains several problems. These have been little valued in the world of martial arts.

The past time (to prepare the punch) that drains towards future time (hit or miss) suposes a especific view of a subject who is thinking about time.

The time viewed by a subject who places it in a flow that unfolds, creates a perspective of what we call "time flow" (past -> present -> future flow). We can compare this point o view over time with the view of a river that originated from a glacier before turning into water.

However, if the subject places the time of a hit on the perspe…

Can Ving Tsun be a self-defense system?

Kung Fu is not strictly a martial system, but many different chinese systems with different aspects in each of them. These systems want to develop "Kung Fu". Each one of these systems give us variations created with the goal to provide us experiences to solve anyone problem that we may have in our day-to-day experience. Ving Tsun is one of these systems of variation, and  it was systematized by the founder Yim Ving Tsun.

In this context is key to understand the Ving Tsun, to see that it is not only we see in videos ou photos created for show us the appliance of the system in real combat. Videos that give us combat demonstrations should be directed to give us access to concepts and ideas that support the scene. A punch is much more than a punch

Ving Tsun can not be summarized in a self-defense system, and the people who are trying to do this are not well intentioned. A combat moment is a set of complex moments in which are intricates visible and invisible factors, mainly risk…

To go backward or forward?

In this episode of Fragments Of The Ving Tsun Kung Fu", the Senior Master Júlio Camacho lead us to experience of react to an attempt of grapple. The idea is to put us for think in what to do if someone tries to grab us in the legs with the intention of knocking us down.

The most common reaction is the backtracking. However, when the two people are in the front one of the other, this can be a terrible choice. First because the attacker will be able to run ahead to reach his goal, which will guarantee him greater strength and speed. Secondly because whoever runs backwards besides being at a disadvantage in speed and strength, will also be subject to stumbling and falling, further facilitating the life of the attacker.

The most appropriate to do in the video situation was to neutralize the intention of the attacker, frustrating him from the beginning. We can not let him take the speed or walk back, but we must to approach. In the example given by Master Julio Camacho, he opted to i…

Sejam bem-vindos e bem-vindas!

Sejam bem-vindos todos os interessados em artes marciais! Em especial gostaria de saudar meus irmãos e minhas irmãs Kung Fu do Clã Moy Jo Lei Ou que estão lançando outras iniciativas como essa de criação de blogs sobre Kung Fu. Espero que todos os objetivos desejados a partir da criação desse imenso conteúdo que será produzido pelo conjunto de blogs sejam alcançados. Desejo inclusive que possamos ir além, que os blogs virem uma fonte de trabalho de Kung Fu para além do corpo, e assim sendo, que possa retornar e alimentar as práticas corporais.

Eu, Pedro Corrêa, Moy Lei Yat, entrei na família Kung Fu em 2008. De lá para cá foram quase 10 anos de uma prática ininterrupta e cheia de altos e baixos. Depois de todo esse tempo a única certeza que posso tirar desse período é a de que nunca irei me afastar da prática.

Ao longo desses anos de prática fiz amizades que foram além do Mo Lan, que me possibilitaram explorar a Vida Kung Fu para além do espaço dos Núcleos, aplicando em conjunto e co…