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Take easy! Post for younger people.

What to talk about the expression "take easy"? Well... many things. Along days, months and years of convivence and practices in the Kung Fu Family, some events get a change of meaning. I am speaking not necessarily the big events like tradicional cerimonies. I will explain. And this explanation will be dedicated from young practitioners (depending on the space and reference).

Initially, the new practitioner in Ving Tsun get in a uncharted space and ambient. As if it were not enough, some proposals will mess, or diverge, of concepts like classroom, teaching and learning like we hear common sense. Would not be strange if this ambient be disconfortable at first moment.

Si Gung Leo Imamura, Si Fu Julio Camacho and others members from Great Moy Yay Sang Clan and Moy Jo Lei Ou Clan.
In the course of time, some new characters emerge: Si Fu, Si Hing, Si Suk, Si Daai, Si Jeh, Si Gung, Tutor, etc. What to do to be aceppt in this new ambient?! Oh! Would be much easier if there were only teachers and students! Some people do well with these new classifications and characters, but some others, at least for some time, don't.

Take easy, young people of family ambient! Don't seek approval from the old people. In the chinese culture, the parameter for the actions of subject is not the model, insted it is the development of situation. Therefore, do not exist the "right thing" and the "wrong thing" to do in the moments of practice.

The classic chinese think makes new member free of a lot of suffering. They make all actions possible for the new practitioners! Why? Because they are learning to read an unknown ambient. In the case of day-to-day practice in the Mo Gun, the responsability to provide a appropriate ambient for expressions and learnings of the youngest members is from the responsible Tutor for the practice, and in the last instance, from the oldest member in the space. It's a gerontocracy?! No! It is because the oldest member present is the most experienced subject in the Mo Lan. Experience, in rule, brings wisdom.

The kung fu family recognize, in the majority of situations, that the oldest member is the more capable to provide experiences to all younger practitioners, including the responsible tutor for the practice, if was not himself.

Alice with her feature sincerity reveals the core of Sam Fat concept. Her procedure in Thuersday's practice was the inspiration for me to make this post. Tip to Alice: do not let yourself down ever. Over the time all will be taking easy.

Think with me: if you are the youngest brother or sister in the Mo Gun, you are the member of kung fu family that receives more care from the others. In other words, your main concern must be learn the maximum that you can, and be the most sincere in your words and movements. But this formulation changes a bit if there are younger practitioners than you.

If you are seeing something wrong or weird with the proposes of some old kung fu brother or sister, at first it is good, but keep this thinking and wait for the appropriate moment to place it. The appropriate moment is the key to "take easy", to not get tired fast. A good thing in a wrong moment for this thing is a wrong thing! A wrong thing in a good moment for this thing can be a good thing! This phrase charge many contradictions, but it is satisfactory for this moment and to close this topic.

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