quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2018

"Neglect practice at a young age...

worthless trying in life's later age."

It's what the martial proverb made by Patriarch Moy Yat says (Neglect practice at a young age, worthless trying in life's later age). There are many ways to think about this proverb, like any other Chinese proverb, and I hope in the future don't repeat more that there are many ways to think. I specially chose it because this week I get hurt my shoulder in a daily common practice, on Monday. As consequence, the pain forbade me to go to the gym or to make either other activities that requires the use of my right arm. Three days later, I remembered this martial proverb and achieve some conclusions.

The histories that my Si Fu, Senior Master Julio Camacho, tells with some frequency about his young age, represents a strong kind of martial artist, in the sense of a man willing to do anything to get abilities in real combat, sports, professional career, etc. However, many times the events spoke about his performances are followed by consequences not so glorious: injuries for all lifetime, pain in his legs and spine, life risk, etc.

Both all histories of my Si Fu and the mine at daily practice three days ago reveal not the absence of practice, but the negligence of practice, as the proverb says. If the Ving Tsun practitioner isn't able to see the error in these situations, don't have sense practicing years along till the end of the life expecting results in life's later age. In the sense of effort and honor is beautiful valorizing the pain of the practitioners, but in real life, it can make serious injuries in their bodies, if the effort doesn't have Kung Fu.

Exemple: a dangerous kidding simulating Kwan (long Ving Tsun's pole) with a stiff and heavy wooden trunk

sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2018

Personal Development and Human Development

Have you already thought about the difference between these two developments? Today I gonna write about it basing in a speech given last week by my Si Fu, Senior Master Julio Camacho. He wanted to explain to the practitioners that the center of this differentiation between Personal and Humanity is in the Chinese ideogram that means "humanity" (人). 

In these two traces in 人 is explicit the necessity of two persons for the construction of humanity. An alone person cannot form humanity, there are so many things, centrally generated by the variation of the point of view, that an alone person wouldn't replace. Thus, is a requirement for the Human Development the relationship between two persons. Another conclusion we can get from the ideogram is that the basis of Human Development is in relation between two humans at a time. Even in an ambient with hundreds of people, I only can practice my humanity one by one.

Otherwise, if I want to develop myself, not necessarily I should search another to achieve my goal. Is possible to obtain Personal Development by reading a book, viewing a movie, writing something about Ving Tsun, taking pictures, at the gym etc. By all means, the necessity of another human is implicit in the context, because I can't read without a book written by someone or write a letter without a computer or paper, equally made by someone or many others. However, the other people aren't in the same real situation that I live in the moment that I am developing myself. Although the presence of the other is a requirement, it is not at the same time. Because of it, making any of these things I develop myself as a person, not like a human being.

This explanation given by my Si Fu was not to convince the practitioners that one type of development is better than another. The division made by him I believe was to provide the capacity to the practitioners exploring with more intelligence these two types of development.

terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2018

10 years and the reality, by a still young practitioner of Ving Tsun

My first ceremony
In the year 2018, I completed ten years in kung fu family. My voice has been changing, and sometimes I feel that I can't talk as loud as before without bad consequences. My face shows signs of the years, maybe in a short period of time I won't be recognized by others as a young guy. When I get in my kung fu school weekly, isn't difficult to perceive the difference between the first day that I entered there and nowadays. Many people left the school and many others come. My brothers and my Si Fu are getting old. Until the walls changed.

Along these ten years, I reached a sure that I don't need as many things that I thought I need in the first years of practice. The learning is an interrupt and unconscious process. The only attitude you need is to be there, in the kung fu school. When your hair is turning white and your organic body is falling down, an indescribable force will raise. This force will be scare inclusive for young. This force is not an acknowledgment of what to do or don't, but the capacity to stay in anywhere perceiving your potential in the context, and only this. At a given moment, inadvertently, the right and the wrong thing to do stop worrying ourselves. But believe: even without worrying you will do best things as never as before.

My last ceremony
If you perceive the potential in each situation, white or black hair can be different for an analytic person, but the same real thing. The reality doesn't understand your spectate for the future or miss in the past. The reality is only reality, in 2008 or 2018.

terça-feira, 3 de abril de 2018

The challenge of moving forward and the ways to overcome difficulties

Sometimes we can ask what the purpose of moving forward in Ving Tsun System and keep going to Mo Gun in our weekly or daily practice and tasks. If you ask that, I say: something may be wrong with your conception of practicing Ving Tsun. In one sense, everyone can have problems in its own personal live, and that problems can lead to a temporally or permanent separation of Kung Fu Family.

Although all the difficulties, an experienced Si Fu, like my own, the Senior Master Julio Camacho, would help in some way, personally or by other practitioners of Kung Fu Family, to overcome the difficult of disciple or To Dai; sometimes only making himself available and making this clear. In other meaning, that I believe through my 9 years of practice, all the difficulties can be transformed in an opportunity to keep going to Mo Gun or to keep contact with Si Fu or Kung Fu Family.

In the classic Chinese sense, the use of difficulties to keep the ties with something that we can extract benefits for ourselves is not only desirable, but the natural thing; and not only in Kung Fu Family. At the same time, every ambient can be a fountain of benefits even in periods of extreme difficulties.

In really, I believe that exists one choice in the past what can help us to answer if we must leave or not something we do frequently. This choice occurred in the remote times, when we decided to enter in some routine or accept some way of live. What was the support of this choice? It exists yet today? If it has changed, still worth in totality of your present life? If the answer is yes, you must not leave, independent of what it is.