10 years and the reality, by a still young practitioner of Ving Tsun

My first ceremony
In the year 2018, I completed ten years in kung fu family. My voice has been changing, and sometimes I feel that I can't talk as loud as before without bad consequences. My face shows signs of the years, maybe in a short period of time I won't be recognized by others as a young guy. When I get in my kung fu school weekly, isn't difficult to perceive the difference between the first day that I entered there and nowadays. Many people left the school and many others come. My brothers and my Si Fu are getting old. Until the walls changed.

Along these ten years, I reached a sure that I don't need as many things that I thought I need in the first years of practice. The learning is an interrupt and unconscious process. The only attitude you need is to be there, in the kung fu school. When your hair is turning white and your organic body is falling down, an indescribable force will raise. This force will be scare inclusive for young. This force is not an acknowledgment of what to do or don't, but the capacity to stay in anywhere perceiving your potential in the context, and only this. At a given moment, inadvertently, the right and the wrong thing to do stop worrying ourselves. But believe: even without worrying you will do best things as never as before.

My last ceremony
If you perceive the potential in each situation, white or black hair can be different for an analytic person, but the same real thing. The reality doesn't understand your spectate for the future or miss in the past. The reality is only reality, in 2008 or 2018.

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